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Our free training and consultancy services will provide you and your team with the skills in spotting Domestic Abuse warning signs and writing up to date Domestic Abuse policies. We will also support you in creating a safe space in your workplace.

Safe spaces at work are vital, necessary, and critical for helping staff who are experiencing Domestic Abuse. 

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Training takes place from September – March 2021 and will happen online, using Zoom.

Firstly, you need to register your interest and fill out a short registration form here


Attend an Introductory Session

Introductory sessions are happening on a recurring basis each week. They take place every Tuesday morning 10-11am, starting from 1st September. You only need to attend one introductory session.

Training Program Enrolment

After the introductory session, we will enrol you on either a Green or Gold training program, or a specialist training program. Green is for smaller businesses and Gold is for larger companies. The specialist training is specifically designed for local schools and libraries.

Attend Training (online)

Training happens each month and you must complete 1x hour of module 1 and 1x hour of module 2. Gold programs happen on a Wednesday morning (10-11am) & Green programs happen on a Wednesday afternoon (2-3pm). For specialist training, we will be in touch. 

Follow Up Session

Once you have completed the introductory session and module 1 & 2, you will then be required to take part in the follow-up session that will take place one month later.  This session will be with a member of Hillingdon Council and is a chance to review the training & see how it has been implemented in your workplace.


After the follow-up session, you will be given the opportunity to sign up to the free consultancy work. Upon successful completion of the training, your organisation will be given action plans, resources and work books, and receive a certificate from the London Borough of Hillingdon. Then you can proudly display this as a demonstration of your excellent wellbeing practices in the workplace.

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