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The Sharan Project

Established in 2008, The Sharan Project supports women, particularly South Asian women, who have been affected by abuse or persecution and who have been disowned or estranged from their families due to forced marriage, domestic violence, honour-based abuse and other harmful practices. As a BAME specialist charity, we work to empower women to realise their potential and provide support, access to services, information, and resources towards successful independent living without fear.

Hillingdon Women’s Centre

Hillingdon Women’s Centre is a charity aimed to help vulnerable women within the local community. The charity helps women aged 18 and over with problems, relating to domestic abuse, homelessness, mental health, poverty & isolation. Hillingdon Women’s Centre is the only centre of its kind in the local area. They offer a holistic approach to enable women to improve their own lives and reach their full potential.

Previous partners

As a project that is constantly learning, adapting and evolving, we make sure to work with a range of different partners who provide their skills and expertise to deliver this bespoke training. We want to thank all of our partners, past and present, for their input, dedication and commitment to the Workplace Safespace programme.

Hillingdon Council

With thanks to funding from Hillingdon Council, the Workplace Safespace project is delighted to announce that we have been refunded which means we can continue our all important work. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Domestic Abuse team from the local council who are supporting us in creating safer work environments for employees based in the London Borough of Hillingdon and surrounding areas. 


We thank the Get Ready for Work (GROW) team for their previous support in the Workplace Safespace initiative. GROW is an award-winning Training & Development project and part of Belina Consulting, an organisation running intensive confidence-building, motivation and employability programmes for women, their advisers and employers. Belina’s vision is for a world where women feel confident about going back to work and realise the benefit to themselves and their children for the long term. GROW’s approach is forged in mutual-respect and engagement, and brings diverse communities together to nurture, learn from and support each other to help them determine their own lives and empower them to make a positive change.



Previous funders

We would like to thank all of our funders, past and present, to allow us to carry out essential work in preventing and tackling all forms of Domestic Abuse. 

MOJ COVID-19 Extraordinary Funding

With thanks to funding from the London Community Foundation as part of MOJ COVID-19 Extraordinary Funding, we have been able to develop Workplace Safespace. The initiative has already engaged with 200 employees, across 50 different organisations. This now means that over 14,000 employees will be able to access workplace support if they ever find themselves in abusive relationships. Workplace Safespace is excited about engaging with many more companies and employees. 

The London Community Foundation

The London Community Foundation is a charity for London’s grassroots. They specialise in supporting community-based organisations that are focused on helping disadvantaged Londoners.

They are passionate about London, its people, its communities and its vitality. The London Community Foundation believes grassroots organisations hold the key to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged. By shining a light on the key issues faced and supporting the best ideas to grow, The London Community Foundation strengthens and nurtures the network of local people solving local problems. 

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