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Thank you for taking the time to register your interest in the Workplace Safespace Initiative. This project aims to provide businesses with free training and resources to create safer workplaces for employees affected by Domestic Abuse.

By registering your interest, you consent to receive details of free online training. All information you provide will be kept confidential in accordance with data protection and GDPR guidelines.

How it works

Training happens online using Zoom and takes place each month. 

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Firstly, you need to register your interest and fill out a short registration form here

Attend an Introductory Session

Introductory sessions take place each fortnight on a recurring basis from 10-11am. You only need to attend one introductory session.

Training Program Enrolment

After the introductory session, we will enrol you on the training programme where you’ll receive EventBrite links to sign up for the different modules. 

Attend Training (online)

Training happens each month and in order to receive certification, you are required to complete 4 compulsory modules.


Once you have completed all 4 modules, you’ll be invited to sign up to the consultancy part of the project where consultants will support you in creating your very own internal Domestic Abuse policy and safespace for staff. 


After successful completion of all modules, you will be given resources, action plans and a certificate that shows you are Domestic Abuse aware. This certificate can be proudly displayed in your organisation as it highlights an excellent example of wellbeing practises in the workplace

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If this project sounds interesting to you and you’d like further information, please fill in the following contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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