The Workplace Safespace Project

The Workplace Safespace employers’ initiative is aimed at businesses in and around the Hillingdon area who are invested in tackling and reducing Domestic Abuse. 

 The project is completely FREE and businesses who take part will receive certification at the end of 4 hours of training. Workplace Safespace is unique in that we are taking a localised approach to employers who are based in and around Hillingdon. By signing up to Workplace Safespace, you are committed to joining other employers around the area, creating a united front and standing in solidarity to voice a clear message: Domestic Abuse will not be tolerated. 

 By joining Workplace Safespace, you will not only be receiving FREE specialist training, you will also have access to a Domestic Abuse supervisor who will help you to create, or update, existing Domestic Abuse policies. If you wish to establish a physical safespace in your workplace, your Domestic Abuse supervisor will be able to support you with this. By signing up to be part of the project, your organisation will receive fortnightly newsletters and be invited to fortnightly networking sessions.

 Workplace Safespace offers free training and consultancy services to businesses in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Through specialist training, we provide employers with the skills and knowledge to spot the warning signs of staff members experiencing Domestic Abuse, and equip businesses with information on how to support these staff and where to go next.

 We also offer free guidance in creating and maintaining up to date Domestic Abuse policies, and we can further support employers through free consultancy work to create a physical safe space in their workplace. 

 This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to learn about Domestic Abuse, spot the warning signs and identify victims/ potential victims. It also gives businesses the chance to show solidarity with Domestic Abuse survivors and offer the necessary support. By signing up to and completing the scheme, businesses will receive certification and be given brilliant recognition of excellent wellbeing practises at work. 

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