Why does Workplace Safespace matter to your business?

During lockdown, domestic abuse cases increased by 20%. As people begin returning back to work after a long period of being at home, or as people contine working from home, it’s incredibly important for employers to have an understanding of Domestic Abuse. Employers should know how to support their staff who are experiencing it, and should have robust procedures in place to ensure the safety of their employees.

With Domestic Abuse cases on the rise, the topic is falling into mainstream discourse, and employers need to be educated about it. Our free training and consultancy services will provide you with the skills to write up to date and accurate Domestic Abuse policies, and support you in creating a safe space in your workplace. Safe spaces at work are vital, necessary, and critical for helping staff who are experiencing Domestic Abuse. 

Please take advantage of this unique and exciting opportunity. Make a stand in solidarity with other businesses and highlight that Domestic Abuse will not be tolerated. Equip your employees with the ability to spot and then support staff who are suffering. At the end of the training, your business will receive certification.

Why should your business get involved?

It shows that your company holds a zero tolerance approach to all forms of Domestic Abuse

It will make your workplace safer, and you will become a preferred employer

When employees feel safe and supported in the workplace, it will boost productivity levels in the long term

It enables your employees to support Domestic Abuse survivors long-term

It allows your business to be a perfect example of instituting great well-being practices and support within the workplace.

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